Best Substitutes of Emerald Stone

Best Substitutes of Emerald Stone

Emerald or Panna in Hindi is a green-colored precious stone from the Beryl mineral family. Since antiquity, Emerald stones have been prized for their enigmatic beauty and mystical charm. This deeply alluring precious gemstone has a striking color that is unmatched in its beauty, with shades of vibrant green to the saturated tones of green hues. The Emerald is a tribute to spring’s flowery month of May, making it the official birthstone of those who have the good fortune of celebrating their birthday this month. A perfect fit for both men and women, as the green hues are typically associated with renewal, wealth, prosperity, health, and detoxification.


The beauty of an Emerald attracts every single eye at the very first glimpse. Because of the immense benefits that an Emerald can offer and the rarity of clear, inclusion-free Emeralds, the cost of an Emerald stone can increase drastically. However, one can still avail the benefits and the dazzling look of this gemstone by going for Emerald substitute stones. Peridot and Green Tourmaline gemstones are the substitutes for Emerald that are highly similar to it in terms of hue, look, and shower the same benefits.

Peridot Gemstone: Peridot stone is a gem-like member of the magnesium-rich silicate mineral family of Olivine. Peridot gets its name from the Greek word faridat, which stands for a ‘gem’. This stone occurs in the Peridotite Xenoliths of the Earth’s mantle and in the lava. In a rare occurrence, it is brought to the surface by lava with time. Peridot is mainly mined in Egypt, Hawaii, Nevada, Australia, China, Myanmar, Pakistan, and Tanzania. With a hardness of 6.5-7 out of 10 on the Moh’s scale, this semi-precious gemstone reflects a green color like that of an Emerald stone.

Green Tourmaline: Tourmaline, a word derived from the Sinhalese word Thuramali, represents a semi-precious crystalline boron silicate gemstone. This stone is found in various colors like black, pink, violet, green, and brown and gives a rating of 7-7.5 on Moh’s scale of hardness. Verdelite stone or Green Tourmaline stone is mined from granite, granite pegmatite, and metamorphic rocks. Being a semi-precious gemstone, it doesn’t cost much, unlike an Emerald, but provides similar looks and benefits.

Which is a better Emerald stone substitute: Peridot or Green Tourmaline?

Preferably, a Green Tourmaline is a better alternative to Emerald as compared to Peridot. Green Tourmaline or Verdelite Tourmaline is recognized as a substitute for Emerald gemstone in Vedic astrology, implying the similar nature of benefits of Green Tourmaline stone.

Peridot GemstonePeridot Gemstone

Green Tourmaline GemstoneGreen Tourmaline Gemstone

Should the weight of the Panna substitute be the same as the Emerald recommended to me?

No, Panna upratna (Panna substitute) should be larger in weight as compared to the Emerald gemstone. A general formula used to find out the weight of the gemstone in carat is your body weight divided by 12. For a substitute or a semi-precious gemstone, the body weight is divided by 10 to know the weight in carats. For example, if your body weight is 60 kg, then you should wear an Emerald of 5 carats, or a substitute of 6 carats at least.

Can I replace the substitute stone in the future with an Emerald stone?

Yes, according to our Return and Replacement Policy, we offer a 10-day gemstone replacement policy, where within 10 days of purchase you may get your gemstone replaced from us after meeting certain criteria. For more details, refer to our Return & Replacement Policy.

substitute of Emerald


When you are looking for an Emerald stone online, it is important to ask for Emerald alternative stones in case you find the price of Emerald too high. Also, one must always consult an astrologer before buying any gemstone. At GemsCreative, we provide you with many excellent pieces of Green Tourmaline and Peridot stones that you can choose from.

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