Difference Between Two Alike Gemstones – Ruby and Garnet

Ruby stone and Garnet stone at their purest forms Ruby and Garnet are two gemstones carrying different significance in the world of gemstones. Ruby, also known as Manik stone, is considered to be the rarest and the most powerful gemstone in the universe. Widely known as Ratnaraj Ratnanayaka, Padmaraga (in the Sanskrit language), this highly valuable gemstone holds a very special place in the science of astrology. Garnet is one of the most revered gemstones and is produced in a startling range of exquisite colors. The term ‘Garnet’ is derived from the Latin word ‘granatus’, meaning ‘pomegranate’ which is in reference to the red color of the Garnet Stone. Ruby or raw rubies are the most precious of the 12 stones created by God while creating life. Ruby is a precious gemstone best described as “the king of gemstones” while Garnet is one of the semi-precious gemstones known for having a lower value as compared to Ruby.

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