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Pitambari Neelam

Pitambari Neelam widely known as Neelambari is a bi-color precious gemstone and a rare variety of Sapphire. This powerful gemstone holds the benefits of two powerful gemstones Blue Sapphire (Neelam) and Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj). This rare gemstone shares the properties of two powerful yet slow-moving planets Saturn and Jupiter respectively. Also known by names like Pitambari Nilam and Pitambari Pukhraj, this auspicious gemstone can benefit the wearer with abundance of wealth, good fortune and social enhancement.

This hard-to-found variety of Sapphire is highly recommended for people who are blessed with special Yogas in their horoscope and comes in different ranges of price from INR 40,000 ($550) per carat – INR 1,00,000 ($1,350) per carat. Thus, it is necessary to explore Pitambari Neelam prices before buying one. Found in several parts of the world like Pakistan, Asia, India, Sri Lanka and more, this rare gemstone reflects double benefits.


Neelam comes with a combination of two gemstones – Blue Sapphire associated with planet Saturn and Yellow Sapphire associated with planet Jupiter so the native can get the best results from these two planets. People seeking a career in teaching, public speaking, allied services and the army can wear this rare gemstone. Read along to find out the benefits of Pitambari Neelam stone:

  • For a prosperous life: Neelam stone shares the qualities of two planets Saturn and Jupiter which are very well known for showering joy and happiness in the life of the wearer.
  • For name, fame and love: This auspicious stone can enhance your personality. Pitambari Nila can make the wearer feel confident about themselves by attracting a lot of name, fame and respect from all around.
  • For a wiser you: Pitambari Pukhraj can make the wearer wiser and intellectual. As the combination of two powerful planets doubles the benefits so one can observe mental peace and patience when wearing this auspicious gemstone.
  • For Financial boom: This is an ideal gemstone for people who want to get rid of their soaring career. Wear a Pitambari stone and observe a drastic change in your financial status. It is also believed that it gives a better return on long-term investments.
  • For a boost in self-confidence: Do you lack confidence? A Pitambari Neelam stone can help you regain your self-confidence making you feel positive about yourself. This auspicious gemstone bestows good fortune and all the goodness that one deserves.
  • For a healthy you: Neelam can help get rid of different health ailments like diabetes, high blood pressure and more. Wear a good quality natural gemstone and observe tremendous changes in life. It is also best known to aid chronic ailments.


Neelam is very popular among gemstone jewelry designers and jewelry lovers due to its beautiful dual-tone color scheme. The color of Neelam looks quite appealing and bold when infused with a piece of jewelry. At GemsCreative, one can find an exclusive range of Pitambari Neelam Rings ,Pitambari Neelam Pendants, and Pitambari Neelam Bracelets.

You can also customize your own jewelry by sharing the idea in your mind and our team of CAD experts will render it just the way you imagined it! GemsCreative’s Custom Experience is not something to miss out on!

Check out our Pitambari Neelam collection:

Pitambari Neelam Silver BraceletPitambari Neelam Silver Bracelet

Pitambari Neelam Gold PendantPitambari Neelam Gold Pendant

Pitambari Neelam Gold RingPitambari Neelam Gold Ring


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Original Natural Pitambari Neelam available at GemPundit

Original Natural Pitambari Neelam available at Gemscreative

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