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Difference Between Two Alike Gemstones – Ruby and Garnet

Ruby stone and Garnet stone at their purest forms Ruby and Garnet are two gemstones carrying different significance in the world of gemstones. Ruby, also known as Manik stone, is considered to be the rarest and the most powerful gemstone in the universe. Widely known as Ratnaraj Ratnanayaka, Padmaraga (in the Sanskrit language), this highly […]

Best Substitutes of Emerald Stone

Substitutes of Emerald in Astrology Emerald or Panna in Hindi is a green-colored precious stone from the Beryl mineral family. Since antiquity, Emerald stones have been prized for their enigmatic beauty and mystical charm. This deeply alluring precious gemstone has a striking color that is unmatched in its beauty, with shades of vibrant green to […]